she/her. leo. gryffindor. types in lowercase,
writes in uppercase. dick grayson’s wife. jason todd lovebot. in love with men twice my age.
dc enthusiast. multifandom.


the nbhd. chase atlantic. conan gray. melanie martinez. chloe grace moretz. matthew gray gubler. david mazouz. lauren cohan. pedro pascal. chris evans.
dc & marvel. harry potter. criminal minds. the 100. lotr. twd. tua. obx.


carmen, hayley, dee, alex, polly, adrienne, emilia, sierra. <3


rainy days. foxes.
red velvet. riddles. autumn. horror. shopping. traveling.


the dark. rude people. country music. tomatoes. spicy foods. ignorance.


i support lgbtq+. i talk nonstop about my fandoms. i do not always fb. i am sometimes dumb. i can take jokes, therefore i am not easily offended.

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